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Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Market Revenue to Record Stellar Growth Rate During 2018-2025

Sodium lauroylsarcosinate, also known as sarkosyl, is an ionic surfactant derived from sarcosine used as a foaming and cleansing agent in various personal care and household products. Sodium lauroylsarcosinate is preferred owing to its features such as good ecotoxicity, mildness to the skin and the eyes, and excellent compatibility. The global sodium lauroylsarcosinate market will reach 174.83 million USD by 2025 from 124.5 million USD in 2018 with a CAGR of 4.97% during the period.

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Growth by Region

Europe dominated the market in 2018 due to presence of large number of manufacturing companies. North America and Asia Pacific will grow at faster rate due to increase demand for sulfate – free and eco-friendly products. Latin America and Middle East & Africa have small share in the market due to few manufacturers of cosmetic products.

Drivers vs Constraints

The rising awareness of mild surfactant products which use sodium lauroylsarcosinate will drive the market. The increasing concerns about sulfate containing products and adoption of organic products are the key factors for the growth of the market. However, the high cost of products containing sodium lauroylsarcosinate can restrain the market.

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Industry Trends and Updates

Several manufacturers are exploring new methods for formulating different blends, wherein sodium lauroylsarcosinateis used in different concentrations. These companies are forming strategic long-term or short-term contracts with various companies engaged in the manufacture of personal care and household products.

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