Business Plan of Vive Studios by Leading South Korea’s Visual Reality Business

With the expansion of the Virtual Reality business (VR), many new and established companies are embracing it vigorously. A South Korea based professional visualization company, Vive Studios has emerged immensely due to the endorsement of Visual Reality Business. Vive Studio is a big name in the field of its visual effects and CGI projects for other commercial & production companies. Out of some outstanding works done by Vive, Volt: Chain City was the first self-produced exertion. Earlier to this year, Sundance Film Festival invited this four-minute movie.

With almost the same title, a web cartoon Volt portrayed the journey of a soul without body with a mission to save a ruined world where two-third of the whole human inhabitants have deceased. Lee Hyun-suk of Vive Studios and director of Volt quoted that Volt was produced with the goal of delivering an exclusive product, so that no other companies could compete with it during a short span of time. In addition, he had a firm believe that in the time of acquiring Oculus by Facebook, VR would be the prospect of first-hand media.

Apart from Volt, Vive has produced other movies with VR effects such as- The Korean Bob Sleigh Team, a VR documentary, Doctor X: Pale Down, a thriller movie and AIR, an upcoming VR fictional drama on action.

Concept of Global Virtual Reality Business

It has been forecasted in the last year that Virtual Reality Business has occupied many sectors such as- interactive desktop applications, education, social VR, military, project collaboration, video games and engineering. And on the basis of market adoption, Virtual Reality expanded the most into new and present markets.  A 360 view of a product, Virtual tours of a business environment, developing a product or service in a cost effective way and drilling the new employees are the areas where VR is basically used for. Furthermore, VR has a decent way to identify the design problems initially to deal with it as soon as possible.

Vive Studios’ Business Plan

As per the business plan of Vive Studios, the theatrical release of content, based on Virtual Reality plays an important role.  According to Kim, the exquisite works are still breaking out, though VR movies have a short-lived history. In addition, she has mentioned her reluctance of screening the products on mobile platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Showing the high-grade content in a minor screen with loud and wobbly environment is really depressing. The setting of a screen for showing the movies, really plays an important role to form akeen impact on the audience’s gratitude for the film.

To begin a VR Theatre, Vive Studio is looking for utilizing an inside VR theme park in Incheon, South Korea. Being furnished with 4D screens, the park also has eight seats respectively and beside these, Vive has a proposal of increasing them to a screening room with 200-seat capacity. Kim mentioned to Variety that though this theatre started with an arrangement of small-screened rooms, they still needed suitable, luxurious and well-furnished broadcasting amenities. Moreover, Kim added that for the VR films, some of the major mentors such as Lotte Cinema and CJ-CGV, might have understood shortly the necessity of updating their theatres with special screens.

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