India Bottled Water Market Poised To Expand At A Robust Pace Over 2026

India Bottled Water Market is set to grow at 15 % CAGR.

India bottled water market is segmented by product and by packaging. Based on product, India bottled water is segmented by still bottled water, carbonated bottled water, flavored bottled water, and functional bottled water. In terms of packaging, India bottled water market is divided into PET and glass.

Disposable incomes are rising as much as the awareness about clean drinking water, the packaged water industry is growing at about 15 % every year. Increase in per capita spending, rapid urbanization growing, awareness regarding the benefits of bottled water and hygiene coupled with the increasing preference for an active lifestyle is driving India’s bottled water market. India is country with the majority of sunny areas. Bottled water market varies with season, it is greater in summer. An installed purifier in homes restrains India’s bottled water market.

People spend a large part of their time outside homes and prefer to purchase 20-liter bulk packages of water for home use rather than installing water purifiers. People don’t carry water as it is available everywhere, even in the smallest of shops. There are 5,735 licensed bottlers for packaged drinking water across India, along with uncountable unbranded ones. Government is unable to provide clean water hence leading are taking advantage. Owing to all these factors still water bottle accounts for about 90 % market share.

PET packaging constitute 98 % of the India bottled water market. Still, water is PET packaged. PET packaging offers up to 90% weight reduction, compared to glass, therefore, a more economical transportation is achieved. Better mechanical qualities, high transparency, exceptionally shiny surface, very good stability, high-pressure resistance, and good barrier properties make PET ideal for water packaging purpose.

Bisleri, the largest selling packaged water brand in India, has 120 bottling plants. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved set to launch its bottled drinking water Divya Jal. Other major players are Pepsi’s Aquafina, Coca-Cola’s Kinley, Himalayan and Kingfisher. Bisleri, Coca-Cola India, PepsiCo India, Dharibal Group, Narang Beverages, Aquasure, Himalayan and Kingfisher.

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Scope of the India bottled water market

India Bottled Water Market Product Type:

• Still Bottle Water

• Carbonated Bottle Water

• Flavoured Bottle Water

• Functional Bottle Water

India Bottled Water Market Packaging Type:


• Glass

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Key Players analysed in India bottled water market:

• Bisleri

• Pepsi’s Aquafina

• Coca-Cola’s Kinley

• Himalayan

• Kingfishe

• Bisleri

• Coca-Cola India

• PepsiCo India

• Dharibal Group

• Narang Beverages

• Aquasure

• Himalayan

• Kingfisher.

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