Claytronics Market Has Taken a Significant Growth in Coming Years (2018-2026)

Global Claytronics Market  was valued US$ XX Bn in 2017 and is estimated to reach US$ XX Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of XX%.

An individual robot is called a claytronic atom or catom. Claytronics is the high-level context of nanoscale robots which communicate with both and transform themselves into a 3D object. (Free Sample Copy Here)Future will be revolutionized with the usage of the claytronic robots in automation.

Increase in the usage of virtual equipment’s, advancements in nanotechnology, growing demand for computer-generated artifacts, increasing customer interests in 3 D printing, advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and developed communication facilities are the drivers for the growth in claytronics market globally. It provides the users a visual realization of real like images giving them a real-life feel and attachment and therefore it also drives the growth prospects for the claytronics market.

The huge amount of investments needed in the R&D of this technology, the increasing standards and dire need of improvement in current technology may restrain the developing nations to invest in it and hence restricting its market growth.

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Hardware is widely used in the claytronics market. The driving force behind the programmable matter is the exact hardware that is manipulating itself into whatever form is desired. Claytronics involves a collection of individual components called claytronic atoms, or catoms. In order to be viable, catoms necessity to fit a set of criteria. First, catoms need to be able to move in 3 D relative to each other and be able to adhere to each other to form a three-dimensional shape. Second, the catoms need to be able to communicate with each other in an ensemble & be able to compute state information, possibly with assistance from each other.

Giant helium catoms are leading the claytronics market. Giant Helium Catoms provides researchers a macro scale instrument to investigate physical force that affects microscale device. GHC measures eight cubic meters when it’s light Mylar skin fill will helium to acquire a lifting force of approximately 5.4 kilograms.

Region-wise, North America is the leading region of the global claytronics market due to high investment by this region and R&D on the claytronics technology concepts. Europe is closely following the lead of North America. The Asia Pacific did not have a very significant contribution to global claytronics market but in the future, there are expected innovation for China, Japan, and South Korea in this market through the forecast period.

Key players operating in the global claytronics market, Claytronics Inc., Intel Corp., and Clay sol Inc., Claytronics Solutions Private Limited, Real Intent, Carnegie Mellon University.

Global claytronics market report includes PESTLE analysis, competitive landscape, and Porter’s five force model. Market attractive analysis wherein all the segments are benchmarked based on the market size, growth rate, and general attractiveness.

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Scope of Global Claytronics Market

Global Claytronics Market, by Type

Planer Catoms

Electrostatic Catoms

Giant Helium Catoms

Global Claytronics Market, by Component



Global Claytronics Market, by Application

Consumer Products



Disaster Relief

Global Claytronics Market, by Region

North America


Asia Pacific

Middle East and Africa

South America

Key players operating in the Global Claytronics Market

Claytronics Inc.

Intel Corp.,

Clay sol Inc.

Claytronics Solutions Private Limited

Real Intent

Carnegie Mellon University.

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