Facebook andTizeti’s Express Wi-Fi enter Nigerian Technology Marketplace

In the previous year, while CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos, he confirmed that in spite of having poor electricity source and fragile groundwork, Nigeria has emerged as another top tech hubs in Africa. Nevertheless for further, it is required to upsurgethe improvement.For this motive, a well-operational Wi-Fi system is frantically required by the country. In addition, Tizeti has been trying to deliver that through the towers that are powered by solar energy.According to a recent startup declaration, Nigeria is joining hands with Facebook for the expansion of social network’s Express Wi-Fi. The mission is to offer internet access to the country people as much as possible.

Facebook’s New Launch: Express Wi-Fi

To assist in the connectivity extension to the unreachable locations worldwide, Facebook launched Express Wi-Fi. This would be possible in working with local entrepreneurs, providers of internet service and carriers. The purpose of this partnership with Tizetiis to offer a speedy and reasonable public Wi-Fi hotspot facility in Nigeria including- cafes, public outdoor spaces and markets. The co-founder and CEO of Tizeti, Kendall Ananyi said that through Lagos, Tizeti has 60 Wi-Fi towers with solar-power facility. And, these Wi-Fi towers supply an unlimited and a high-speed Wi-Fi access to a maximum portion of the city. Depending upon solar energy than diesel, the chief executive with his team created a cunning way for lowering the costs.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Ananyi quoted that being one of the most noticeable countries in Africa, Nigeria isstill sufferingwith repeatedpower cuts. In addition, Ananyi proclaimed that they should control the natural resources that they have in Nigeria and in other way, millions of people should get the access of reasonable, socially liable and dependable power where solar could start working.

Tizeti’s Formation & Its Wi-Fi Access Benefits

Ananyi is knowledgeable in connectivity and tech as he has work experience at Microsoft. Along with that, he worked at ExxonMobil where he used to put attention on company’s severalchallenging projects of Nigerian coast.A former Blackberry employee, IfeanyiOkonkwois the cofounder. In 2012, this duo originatedTizeti in Lagos and in the same year, they contributed in Y Combinator’s Winter batch. Being grown up in a team of 80 members, Tizetinewlyupraised a $2.1 million from some investors include Social Capital, Zeno Ventures and YC.

Additionally, with one-time SMS receiving capacity, Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi is easily accessible to anyone with a device that is Wi-Fi approval.Whereas,Tizeti’s Wi-Fi offering needsa connection paired along with a monthly subscription payment that begins at $25. Devoid of switching SIM cards or consuming a data plan, customers can connect this to maximum iOS and Android phones, laptops&tablets and the users will pay from around $0.16 for 100MB to a$6.50 for 10GB.

In this way, leaving the problems behind, Nigerians will be enjoyed more benefits of high-speed Wi-Fi access. In the following few months,Tizeti and Facebook are scheduling to arise hundreds of hotspots in Nigeria and Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania & India will be having the access of this Express Wi-Fi.

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