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Smart Pill Boxes And Bottles Market 2018 | Demand and Scope with Outlook, Business Strategies, Challenges and Forecasts to 2026 by Leading Key Players

Smart pill boxes keep a record of the amount of pills consumed by the patients, their timings, as well as services provided in a stipulated time period. They act as a pill organizer and reminder that deals with sorting huge number of pills each day. They use text, phone-call, light and sound to remind people to take medicines.

Smart pill boxes are mainly connected to blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors. They are largely used in retirement homes and hospitals across the world.Smart pill boxes and bottles are preferred over traditional pills technology owing to better patient compliance and statistics on poor medical adherence in the past. With rising incidents of chronic diseases, the demand of smart medicine technology has significantly increased.

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This increase in demand is anticipated to drive the smart pill boxes and bottles market. Smart pills boxes and bottles provide several advantages in terms of patient monitoring, increased understanding and awareness in endoscopy procedures and control in the usage of drugs. However, lacking awareness regarding their benefits is limiting their growth in the developing countries. In spite of this, growing adoption of smart pill boxes and bottles in hospitals and home care settings is anticipated to reduce the impact of the limitation during the forecast period.Global smart pill boxes and bottles market can be segmented on the basis of indication, product type, end-use, and geography.

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In terms of product type, the smart pill and bottles market can be segmented into smart pill boxes and smart pill bottles. In terms of indication, smart pill boxes and bottles market can be segmented into cancer management, dementia, disability, geriatric care, diabetes care, Parkinson’s disease, and others. In terms of end-use, the market can be segmented into home care settings,extended-term care centers, and senior care and assisted living. In terms of geography, the smart pill boxes and bottles market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America. Amongst all, North America is expected to be the most lucrative owing to high penetration of technology facilitated smart pill boxes and bottles in the region.

Key players operating in smart pill boxes and bottles market include Medready Inc., Medipense Inc., DoseSmart Inc., Pharmright Corporation & Livi, e-pill, LLC., PillDrill Inc., Pillo, Inc., Group Medical Supply LLC, Pillsy Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V., DoseSMart Inc., AdhereTech Inc., and Medminder Systems Inc. among others.

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