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Dr. David Samadi to Newsmax TV: ‘Take Politics Out of Medicine’

After being silenced on Twitter for sharing his medical skilled opinion, Dr. David Samadi sounded an alarm on Newsmax TV about Americans’ freedoms and liberties being at stake by the hands of social media.

“I’ve been very careful, putting out the right information to help the public during this pandemic,” Samadi instructed Thursday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “Obviously, our freedom of choice, our liberties are at stake. If they can shut down a doctor who’s trying to help the public, they can basically go ahead and do whatever they want, whether it’s Google, Facebook, social media.”

Samadi famous his tweets that triggered him being quickly blocked have been merely countering harmful rejection of hydroxychloroquine as a remedy possibility for COVID-19 sufferers, tweeting “many studies suggest that this may work.”

“We just need to leave politics out of medicine,” Samadi mentioned his censored tweet concluded.

“So this is a very disturbing moment in this country; this is happening in United States of America,” Samadi added to host Chris Salcedo. “I think our politicians need to jump on this, and find a way to really take some of the power away from the social medias, because our freedom of speech is at stake and in danger.”

Specifically to his protection of hydroxychloroquine, it “may not work” for sufferers with superior and extreme COVID-19 circumstances, however early remedy has been profitable at retaining delicate circumstances from turning into extreme.

“When this medication is given at the beginning of the stage, before the disease starts to take off – whether it’s with zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, or others – it can reduce the inflammation and save lives,” Samadi instructed Salcedo. “And if it’s going to save one life, then I am all for it.”

“Talking about this medication with logic, with scientific data, with very reasonable approach is becoming a red flag – so I think it’s major censorship; it’s a major bias,” he concluded.

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