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Mark Cuban Warns of Stock Bubble: ‘Don’t Get Greedy’  

Billionaire Mark Cuban is warning savvy traders to watch out because the stoc market continues to climb regardless of the seemingly infinite coronavirus pandemic.

Cuban in contrast the market’s rally from its late March coronavirus low to the 1990s tech bubble and eventual crash.

“In some respects it’s different because of the Fed and the liquidity,” Cuban mentioned. “But on a bigger picture, it’s so similar,” he told CNBC.

“I had my 18-year niece asking me what stocks she should invest in because her friends are making 30% per day and other people just randomly asking me that never look at stocks at all what stocks they should invest in,” mentioned Cuban.

“Everybody is making money right now because you’ve got the Fed put and that brings people in who otherwise wouldn’t participate,”

“Everybody is a genius in a bull market,” the “Shark Tank” investor warned. “Don’t get greedy.”

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