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Paul Krugman: Trump Flunked His First Major Test

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman slammed President Donald Trump in a collection of tweets on Tuesday, writing that “Covid-19 was his first significant test. And he flunked it with flying colors.”

Krugman noted that “One thing you can sense from Republicans is an outraged sense of injustice – how dare the world throw Covid-19 at them, when things seemed to be going so well? But the real surprise is that it took this long for Trump to face a real crisis.”

The economist explained that “Every other modern president faced some kind of external challenge during his first three years. Obama took office amid a financial crisis. Whatever you think of his response, GW Bush faced 9/11. Clinton faced stubbornly high unemployment, Bush the elder Saddam Hussein.”

In distinction, Krugman wrote, “Trump inherited a nation at peace, with a steadily rising economic system. Until this March he may simply sit on high of a easily shifting practice and declare that he was driving it.”

Raw Story identified that Krugman, who has been a constant critic of Trump all through his administration, wrote the tweets because the president’s approval scores have dropped considerably amongst many surveys because the pandemic continued.

In addition, Trump has been developing second to presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden in a large variety of polls not too long ago, together with in very important swing states that the president received within the 2016 election.

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